Within CPT, my current research investigates Heidegger’s encounter with Asian philosophy in the mid-twentieth century. I am particularly interested in the following topics: Heidegger’s idea of Way (der Weg) vis-à-vis the Daoist idea of dao 道, Heidegger’s idea of the Fourfold (das Geviert) vis-à-vis the Daoist idea of the Four Greats (sida 四大), and Heidegger’s idea of sojourning (Aufenthalt) vis-à-vis the critique of travel presented in the Dao De Jing.

Within public law, my current research focuses on the role of legal doctrine on the U.S. Supreme Court. Among other things, I’m using natural language processing to develop new scaling mechanisms that estimate judicial outcomes in novel ways (i.e., along jurisprudential dimensions instead of ideological ones). Code for some of my ongoing projects is available on my GitHub page.